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Q: Can I rent a motorcycle in Japan?

You need to be a minimum of 20 years of age with a valid Japanese license or a valid international drivers license with the motorcycle endorsement applicable for the bike you want to rent issued by a country listed on our license requirement page (please see here.) You must have a credit card, a residents card or passport if not a resident.

Q: How much am I insured for?

All our motorcycles are provided with insurance as stipulated for rental vehicles by law. Third part injury: Unlimited
Third Party Property: Unlimited
Personal injury: 80,000,000 yen
Personal Property: 2,000,000yen
Passenger: 5,000,000 yen
An excess of 300,000yen is payable on all claims. For mopeds or vehicles from 51cc-250cc, only personal unrestricted damages are covered. Damages that exceed the amount covered by the insurance policy is assumed by the renter. The vehicle insurance doesn't cover this and is unrestricted.

Q: How much is the excess?

Any damage whatsoever regardless of blame is assumed by the renter and is up to the value of the vehicle rented. If our excess reduction insurance (ERI) is purchased as part of the contract then the maximum excess for any damage is 300,000yen.

Q: How’s the weather in Japan?

Japan has an extremely varying climate depending on where you are, but basically cold in winter 0c and up to 40c in summer. Mid June to July is the rainy season, not too bad for riding as it is not permanent rain however you will need wet weather gear. July and august are hot and humid, but feels good on a bike, just don’t stop too long! By far the best seasons for riding are March to June, the September to December.

Q: Is it difficult to ride in Japan?

Yes and no! If you come from the UK, Australia or New Zealand etc, then it is very similar as you drive on the left here, however there are very few roundabouts and more traffic lights like in the US. There are also some stop intersections which are also like in the US but not in the UK. There are no strange rules luckily and is reasonably straightforward with common sense. Please see our video on how to ride safely in Japan.

Q: How do I navigate in Japan?

Google maps(ANDROID) and Google maps(IOS) (requires internet connection) or (doesn’t require internet connection, specific maps for your route are downloadable). All locations can be searched in English. For our self guided tours we ask that the customer downloads with complete maps for Japan or the area you will be visiting onto their phones. We also give advice on places to stay and camp grounds etc.

Q:Do I need to bring my own helmet and gear?

Although we do have helmets and gear to rent we highly recommend you bring your own gear, especially a helmet. Helmets are a very personal thing, often different brands fit differently, sizing can be difficult however we will do our best to supply the best possible helmet if you can’t bring your own.

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