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3 day weekend Getaways

Shikoku 3 days tour

Experience the best of Japan in Shikoku on this epic 3 day adventure!

Price: $5

Start & End: Jan 2030

Trip Length: 3 days

Daily Ride: 350klm

Rest Days: none its full on

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Testing for 3 day tours

Very exciting 3 day trip Test 2 


Start & End: Saturday - Monday

Trip Length: 1000klm

Daily Ride: 350klm

Rest Days: none its full on

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10 Day Getaway Shikoku - Tottori - Kyushu - Wakayama

Luke's 1 Day tour

Skyline Ryujin wakayama


Start & End:

Trip Length:

Daily Ride:

Rest Days:

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1 Day Rides Self guided

Test tour guide

its gonna be epic TEST 


Start & End: anytime

Trip Length: 400klm

Daily Ride: all day

Rest Days: None

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Test 2 1 Day Rides Self guided

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Start & End: Anytime

Trip Length: 400klm

Daily Ride: All day at your pace.

Rest Days: 0

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Suzuki Skywave

Rent a big scooter for local touring on this laid back machine!

Offroad Bikes

Awesome offroad daily rentals. Please enquire to see what we have.

250cc offroad adventure bikes

Rent a 250cc offroad bike for day tours or exploring the wilderness! This is one of the best bikes for just rent n go in any direction. find a dirt road you want to export no problems.     .

Motocross courses

Ever fancied trying motocross or enduro riding? We have access to motorcross tracks in Kansai and can accept day trips with all the gear and a few bikes for rent. Day trips can include many options so please contact us.