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Bike Rental Japan is proud to offer Kansai’s best selection of rental motorcycles.

We offer a wide range of popular motorcycles including small 250s for shorter rides and offroad, 400s for longer, 750 or near for adventure touring and larger capacity sports touring bikes. For whatever you require, we have what you need, the best professionally maintained bikes, good quality gear, so that you can get on the road hassle free.

Bikes come with panniers, ETC readers (you need them for highway entry, please see our further information on the requirements) USB power outlets and smart phone holders.We pride ourselves on the high level maintenance of our bikes.Most of our bikes are late up to date models, however we do rent some more popular classic bikes.

Motorcycle Categories

Scooters:from 50cc to 600cc, if you’re looking for something to jet around town on, or even go touring on the larger capacity bikes, or you want to have an automatic bike, then scooters are a great choice.

250s:Great for day rides and staying closer to home, maybe visiting the next city.Then there’s the offroad bikes for our mountain trail touring.

400s:These bikes are generally fitted with luggage, have ETC machines and are better for longer riding.

750s:Or near capacity, these bikes are what we rent out the most.Powerful and low revving on the highways for smooth touring, faired or unfaired depending if you like the feeling of the wind or not! The bikes have full panniers for all the gear you want to take and have ETC machines and USB power outlets.

1000s and higher:These bikes are the ultimate tourers. Like the 750 class, but the bikes come with more comfort for the long rides.