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Honda CB 400X Adventure touring #3 49HP Fun light bike

Embark on thrilling adventures across Japan with the Honda CB400X. This versatile motorcycle is engineered for performance and agility, featuring a powerful 399cc DOHC twin-cylinder engine that effortlessly navigates diverse terrains. Its rugged yet refined design exudes confidence, while the upright seating position ensures comfort and freedom of movement. Equipped with a tall windscreen for superior wind protection, the CB400X offers stability and control, making every ride an unforgettable experience in the heart of Japan.

Rate Schedule
1-4 Days 5-7 Days 7 Days (1 Week) 1 Month Insurance Rate Maximum Deductable
¥14900/day ¥10500/day ¥9500/day ¥7500/day ¥1500/day ¥300000
Rate Details


  • Minimum 48 hour rental. 
  • Walk-ins subject to availability.

Same Day

  • Although we offer only 24 hour rentals, drop off on the same day is accepted before closing.
  • Walk-ins subject to availability.

Multi Day Rental Periods

  • 24 hour rental periods, discounted for weekly/monthly contracts.

Insurance Coverage

 Third party injury: Unlimited, Third party property: Unlimited,  Personal injury: ¥80,000,000,  Personal property: ¥2,000,000,  Passenger: ¥5,000,000.

Insurance Excess

  • An insurance excess of minimum ¥300,000 is payable on all claims, and is unlimited up to the cost of the vehicles repair if the Excess Reduction Insurance is not purchased.
    • ERI (Excess Reduction Insurance) rate ¥1000/day.



  • Unlimited Mileage.


  • 10% Government Sales Tax (GST) included in rental rates.
What to Expect

It is our goal at Bike Rentals Japan to give the customer total satisfaction.

On arrival at our rental shop you will be greeted by one of us who will take any outstanding  details that were not confirmed with the online booking and  finalise the contract to get you on the bike as soon as possible. At this stage we will confirm that you have viewed the safe riding in Japan video, fit you up with any gear that you may need, go over the bike to check off any prior damage and show you how to use the bike’s specific functions or controls as well as go over the standard equipment supplied. If you have booked a self guided tour and we haven’t supplied the route information previously then we will upload that to your smart phone at this time. We will also answer any questions you may have about the terms and conditions, the bike or your chosen tour route. Bike Rental Japan’s emergency numbers will also be supplied and confirmed and then you are free to get going on your adventure. This process can take as little as 10 minutes, however with a larger amount of outstanding details to be taken, gear fitment and adjustment, plus tour upload and explanations this can take much longer so please be prepared for that.

On return of the bike, everyone has a different experience here so we would love to listen to your adventure stories! We then give the bike a final inspection and if everything is fine you are freeto leave. Depending on how you got to our shop, the train station is only minutes away so youcan head on or return to Osaka with some of the best memories of a lifetime!


A  valid  Japanese  driver ’ s  license,  international  driver ’s  permit,  please  see  here  for  full  license  requirements, your credit card and  your passport or residents  card,  all  of which copies wil l be taken.
More than one year of riding experience on a similar sized bike to which you would like to take out.
20 years of age or older.
Please refer to our Terms for a detailed list of our rental requirements.

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All rates found on our website are in Japanese Yen (JPY).  XE currency conversion is an easy to use website that can be used to convert our rates to your local currency.

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JNTO-Destination Kansai
Kansai and the surrounding areas are an amazing, beautiful and interesting place. We have made up some great tours however there is always much more to see that have nothing to do with bikes so please have a look and ride there anyway!

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Osaka Weather
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Technical Specifications
Overall length 2085 mm / 82,1 in

2140 mm / 84,2 in – CB400X (2019+)

Overall width 830 mm / 32,7 in

825 mm / 32,5 in – CB400X (2019+)

Overall height 1235 mm / 48,6 in – CB400X 2013-2015

1335 mm / 52,5 in – CB400X 2016-2018

1380 mm / 54,3 in – CB400X (2019+)

Seat height 795 mm / 31,3 in

800 mm / 31,5 in – CB400X (2019+)

Wheelbase 1410 mm / 55,5 in

1380 mm / 54,3 in – CB400X (2019+)

Ground clearance 145 mm / 5,7 in – CB400X 2013-2016

150 mm / 5,9 in – CB400X 2017+

Dry weight  
Curb (wet) weight 192 kg / 423 lbs – CB400X (2013-2015), CB400X (2017+)

194 kg / 428 lbs – CB400X ABS (2013-2015), CB400X ABS (2017+), CB400X (2016)

196 kg / 432 lbs – CB400X ABS (2016, 2019-2021)

199 kg / 439 lbs – CB400X ABS (2022+)



Front suspension, travel Telescopic fork 41 mm, 140 mm / 5,5 in – CB400X (2013-2015)

Telescopic fork 41 mm (adjustable spring pre-load), 140 mm / 5,5 in – CB400X (2016-2021)

41 mm inverted telescopic fork Showa SFF-BP, 136 mm / 5,3 in – CB400X (2022+)

Rear suspension, travel Swingarm Pro-link with mono-shock, 120 mm / 4,7 in

Adjustment: spring pre-load

Front tire size 120/70ZR17 M/C (58W)

110/80R19M/C (59H) – CB400X (2019+)

Rear tire size 160/60ZR17 M/C (69W)
Front brake Single disc, 320 mm, 2-piston caliper (CB400XA - ABS)

Double disc, 296 mm, 2-piston calipers (CB400XA - ABS) – CB400X (2022+)

Rear brake Single disc, 240 mm, 1-piston caliper (CB400XA - ABS)
Fuel capacity 17,0 l / 4,49 US gal
Trail 105 mm / 4,13 in
Fuel economy / consumption

3,53 l / 100 km (66,6 US mpg)

Type Water cooled 4-stroke
Cylinder arrangement 2-cylinders in-line
Bore & Stroke 67,0 x 56,6 mm
Displacement 399 cm³ (24,3 cu-in)
Compression ratio 11.0:1
Valve train Chain driven DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
Max. power 46,0 hp (34,0 kW) / 9500 rpm

46,0 hp (34,0 kW) / 9000 rpm – CB400X (2019+)

Max. torque 37,0 Nm (3,8 kgm) / 7500 rpm

38,0 Nm (3,9 kgm) / 7500 rpm – CB400X (2019+)

Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h (0-60 mph)  
Top speed  
What's Included

Side bags and top cases on some bikes.

Smart Phone Holder
A multi holder to fit all cell phones, these days phones are better than navigation devices so most customers opt for that. Please be sure your phone is waterproof.

USB Power Outlet
To charge your phone.

ETC Machine
For our customer’s convenience. Essential for highway travel in Japan, you can pay cash but withgloves etc this is a huge holdup compared to just riding through the toll gates.
Please note ETC (Electronic Highway Toll Collection) card rental.
Although we hope you stay off the highways and enjoy the back roads as much as possible it is sometimes necessary to use highways to make up time so most of our bikes are equipped with an ETC machine. ETC cards are available to rent if required at a rate of 1000 for the rental period. Accumulated tolls will be charged to the customer’s registered credit card at a later date when we receive the bill plus a 4% credit card processing fee. ETC cards work like credit cards and are linked to our shop’s credit card so are limited in number and may not be available, so we urge you to pay cash on the highways at the GREEN toll gates. Please select ETC card rental on the “Accessories” section of the booking form.

Emergency Roadside Kit
Security lock, Emergency puncture repair kit with pump and contact numbers for 24 hr emergency support.

Complementary Storage
Secure storage for any luggage you would like to leave behind while on your rental.

A Full Tank of Gas
All of our bikes come with a full tank of gas so you can hit the road right away without any stops.

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