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Testing for 3 day tours

Very exciting 3 day trip Test 2 


This is one of the most popular tours we have due to whats on offer.


Day 1: Saturday : leaving Osaka Early Saturday morning we wind our way through mountainous local roads through exciting small roads to some fast sweaping open roads. we will stop for rests and snacks and lunch on our route to our accomodation wich is a magnificent 150yr old traditional Japanese thatch house. The evening will be flowing with beverages of your choice which we need to buy prior to arriving at the house. Dinner will be over a traditional Japanese fire pit giving you the real feel for japanese living that one cannot experiance from being a regular tourist in japan. we will give you the best experiance.

Day 2: we get to drunk and sleep till 12am 

What to Expect


Start & End: Saturday - Monday

Trip Length: 1000klm

Daily Ride: 350klm

Rest Days: none its full on

What's Included

A valid Japanese driver’s license, international driver’s permit, please see HERE for full license requirements, your credit card and your passport or residents card, all of which copies will be taken.

More than one year of riding experience on a similar sized bike to which you would like to take out.

20 years of age or older.
Please refer to our Terms and conditions for a detailed list of our rental requirements.

Useful Links

Road Use in Japan
This site has an amazing amount of information about all aspects of driving in Japan, a must read if this is your first time motoring here.

Currency Conversion 
All rates found on our website are in Japanese Yen (JPY).  XE currency conversion is an easy to use website that can be used to convert our rates to your local currency.

Motorcycle Trip Packing List
We expect you’ve been planning this for a long time and have it covered, but please do take a look at this list just to make sure nothing has slipped your mind. 

JNTO-Destination Kansai
Kansai and the surrounding areas are an amazing, beautiful and interesting place. We have made up some great tours however there is always much more to see that have nothing to do with bikes so please have a look and ride there anyway!

Japan Guide-Osaka  
Osaka is a unique, lively and interesting city with plenty to offer, more than we can tell anyone so please check here for yourself.

Osaka Weather
Japan has one of the most variable climates in the world with a possible 50°c difference between summer and winter, with a rainy and typhoon season. This site can help you plan your trip for your preferred weather.

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Adventure Bikes NORDEN901

Awesome Adventure tourer  rentals. Please enquire to see what we have.

150cc adventure Scooter

Rent our ADV150 2 availiable to exploring Japans awesome city or back roads.   .

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